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Pack of 2 Philips ColorVision H7 bulbs

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Note: 5.0 ( 1 review )


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Presentation of the pack

A touch of color for your headlights.

The Philips ColorVision range lets you customize the optics on your car with a touch of colour. Choose between blue, green, yellow or purple to brighten up your journeys. The colour effect is created by the light reflected in the lamp's reflectors. When you switch on your headlights, they come on with a touch of blue, green, yellow or purple, but the light projected on the road remains white.

- ColorVision lamps have been designed for REFLECTORS as indicated on the packaging

- Regarding the reflector: in general, the larger it is, the greater the effect

- The brightness effect is more noticeable in the dark

- The effect depends on the angle: drivers who are approaching head on will have the best effect

Product advantages:

- Philips product quality

- No OBC error

- No modification necessary, the change is standard

- Anti-UV treatment

Our opinion on the product:

Effectively, we have noted a touch of colour in the optic during the day, but the lighting on the road remains fairly yellow.

Manufacturer data

- Colour temperature: 3350K

- Sold in pairs

- Power: H7 55w - H4 60/55W

- ECE-approved

Are you unsure of which bulbs to take for your vehicle? Click here to find out about the model of bulbs that your headlights have. Select the type of light (dipped beam headlight, main-beam headlight or fog light), and choose the model of your vehicle. You can then choose the corresponding model on our website. However, double check the use before ordering (for more information click here).

Also, consult our comparison between the various bulb brands that we offer to help you choose. It is available by clicking here.

  • Satisfied or refunded
Note: 5.0 ( 1 review )

Customer reviews
There is 1 review
5/5 by eric p. on 07/06/2016
gives a nice effect I recommend them