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H6M 35/35W Motorcycle Bulb MTEC Maruta Super White - Pure White

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Note: 4.9 ( 7 review )

Bulb H6M 35/35W MTEC Maruta Super White for halogen headlight of Motorbike , Scooter and ATV - Lighting Pure White.

Presentation of the pack

This H6M 35/35W Maruta Super White bulb for Motorcycle, Scooter and ATV allows you to obtain pure white light, unlike standard bulbs that provide white / yellow lighting.

You will improve the look of your Motorbike, Scooter or ATV as well as your visibility at night.

- MTEC Maruta is the reference brand of high quality

- Highly vibrations resistant H6M bulb

- No OBC error

- No change required, change is standard

- Anti-UV treatment

- Extremely bright and effective, with a pure white color

Manufacturer Info

Sold individually
Power: 35/35W
White Colour
Color temperature: 4350K
Warranty: 2 years

MTEC Maruta offers these H6M bulbs which are among the most efficient on the market, with their pure white color. These H6M bulbs for motorcycle, scooter and ATV are not to be confused with the bulbs of lower quality.


For a perfect homogeneity of the color of your xenon white lighting, it is advisable to change the set of bulbs that make up the front lighting of your motorbike, scooter or ATV (dipped beam, driving lights and night lights)

  • Price:10.90
  • This product is in stock.
  • Satisfied or refunded
Note: 4.9 ( 7 review )

Customer reviews
There is 7 review - 2 pages
5/5 by Brendan C. on 12/12/2023
Good light
5/5 by RICHARD M. on 11/02/2023
Excellent product
5/5 by Patrice T. on 01/12/2022
Very good product
5/5 by Pascal A. on 07/29/2020
Very good, installed in the moment, works perfectly with a superb rendering and very powerful white lighting
5/5 by mathieu d. on 07/14/2020
Very happy with its bulbs