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T10 Supreme LED - cool White - Anti-onboard-computer (OBC) error - W5W - 6500K

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Note: 5.0 ( 91 review )

T10 Supreme LED bulb - cool WHITE 6500K - Anti-onboard-computer error - W5W - Built-in 5W resistor - Made in Germany


Some recent and top-of-the-range vehicles (latest BMW, AUDI, VW models) have an electronic system that checks that the vehicle's bulbs are working properly. This system may cause on-board computer (OBC) errors with a standard LED. Effectively, if an LED uses very little energy, the electronic system considers that the bulb is burned out (when it has not) and displays an error message on the obc.

The T10 Supreme LED has been specifically designed to prevent these on-board computer errors and prevent overvoltages, whilst providing excellent quality pure white lighting.

Examples of use:

- Sidelight bulbs (ideal sidelight model for xenon headlight owners)

- Licence plates


- High quality product made in Germany. - The most reliable LED T10 on the market

- No error message on the on-board computer of top-of-the-range vehicles (built-in Samsung OBC anti-error chip)

- Anti-residual current function

- Excellent diffusion thanks to SMD LED multichips that constitute the LED

- Very powerful lighting


Beam angle: 360°

Voltage: 12 V

Colour: cool White

Length: 25 mm

Width: 9 mm

Color temperature: 6500K (cold white)


Important: Product sold individually

N.B. check the list of known incompatibilities for this product.

Order now!
Shipped tomorrow before 15:00
  • Price:14.95
  • This product is in stock.
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Note: 5.0 ( 91 review )

N.B. like all high-power light sources, LED lights can damage the eye. You are advised not to apply its light beam directly in the eye for an extended period of time.

Customer reviews
There is 91 review - 19 pages
5/5 by Cyril A. on 03/24/2024
5/5 by William R. on 12/19/2023
5/5 by Patric R. on 12/17/2023
Meets my expectations, simple and effective in relation to their size
5/5 by Luis R. on 10/14/2023
It fits perfectly with the gap and visual appearance of the vehicle.
5/5 by Stephan F. on 04/24/2023
Goes very well with the set.