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Pack of 2 H11 bulbs Diamond White 5000K

Ref :  AMPXENH11
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Note: 4.9 ( 162 review )

Pack of 2 Michiba 55W H11 5000K Xenon Effect headlight bulbs

Presentation of the pack

These Xenon Effect bulbs bring white lighting, as opposed to standard bulbs that provide white/yellow lighting.

This will improve the style of your car and boost your night-time visibility.

Are you unsure of which bulbs to take for your vehicle? Click here to find out about the model of bulbs that your headlights have. Select the type of light (dipped beam headlight, main-beam headlight or fog light), and choose the model of your vehicle. You can then choose the corresponding model on our website. However, double check the use before ordering (for more information click here).

Also, consult our comparison between the various bulb brands that we offer to help you choose. It is available by clicking here.


- Easy to install and similar to halogen bulb

- Reliability

- white 5000K colour

- Improved night visibility (signs, ground markings, etc.)

- E4 European standard compliant (55W power)

- OBC error free


For perfect homogeneity of the colour of your xenon white lighting, you should change all of the bulbs constituting your vehicle's front lighting (dipped beam headlights, main-beam headlights, fog lights, led sidelight bulbs)

  • Price:11.90
  • This product is in stock.
  • Satisfied or refunded
Note: 4.9 ( 162 review )

Customer reviews
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